Facilitating difficult conversations.

Anytime a person’s needs, wants, or desires are incompatible or in opposition to others, conflict occurs. In this way, conflict is a natural part of life—we all, to one extent or another, live our lives in relationship with others. What is not natural is the ongoing stress and anxiety that often comes when the degree and intensity of discord increases to the point where it impacts daily functioning, happiness, or general well-being.

The emotional and physical effects of conflict can be surprising—from anxiety and depression to sleep problems, stomach issues, headaches, and heart or blood pressure concerns, among others. It’s important not to allow unresolved issues to overtake your and others’ lives.

Mediation offers couples, families, and groups an impartial voice and a neutral place in which to discuss differences, articulate desires, and be heard. It also provides the necessary tools to resolve conflict in healthy ways and without regret.

Our process is informal and confidential. We don’t decide who is right or wrong, rather we help clients work efficiently and respectfully to find solutions on their own, so that they can move forward with their lives and the things that matter most.

Benefits of mediation include:
• Achieve win-win outcomes.
• Give you and others a chance to speak, be heard, be understood, and propose solutions.
• Take fear and defensiveness out of the room.
• Provide you and others more control over the outcome of your dispute.
• Provide a safe place for difficult, but necessary conversations to happen.
• Reduces stress, anger, anxiety, and tension.
• Help to preserve relationships when they can be.
• Focus on problem-solving, not problem-rehashing.
• Bring peace and stability back to everyday life.

Mediation is helpful for individuals, couples, families, and groups.



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