Conflict Counseling

Anytime a person or group’s needs, wants, and desires are incompatible or in opposition, conflict occurs. Sometimes this is short-lived and will merely slow you down. Other times it’s not, and can quickly overtake your life. Although you will never be able to completely remove all of life’s many conflicts, our counseling services give you and, if appropriate, important others in your life, the tools to navigate conflict and transform its negative effects into healthy, peaceful outcomes in tangible and sustainable ways.

In addition to helping solve problems, repair relationships, and strengthen communication, our clients benefit from conflict transformation counseling in the following ways:
• Gain a stronger sense of self, both alone and in relationship.
• Draw healthy boundaries.
• Effectively manage feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
• Discover the important difference between taking command of oneself in any given situation and needing to control outcomes.
• Learn how to navigate conflict and make it their friend.

Conflict transformation counseling is beneficial for individuals, couples, families, and groups.



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