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Life can be great, but it can also be challenging. We’re here to help make it easier.


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Michele DeMarco, MTS, MSC, PCCT, REV.
San Francisco, CA
*Serving clients locally and nationally.

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Because we know life places many demands on your time, we offer flexible scheduling for your convenience and comfort:

  • In-person engagements
  • Phone sessions
  • Skype
  • Email (Typically in concert with the above)

Paxways is located in San Francisco, California, however, clients seek us out from near and far. We support individuals, couples as families in person throughout the Bay Area. The majority of clients come to our office. We do, in some instances, meet in other locations (for instance, some people find the outdoors to be soothing and inspiring).

If you live outside the Bay Area and are interested in our services, no worries. We are here for you as well. Many clients (including those who live nearby) opt to utilize phone, email, and Skype technology. We assure it is equally as effective.


Some people are surprised to hear that counseling, advising, and coaching can be as effective over the phone as face to face. In fact, a study by the Journal of Counseling and Development found that more than half (58%) of people who had experienced both phone and in-person sessions preferred phone.

Some of the benefits to phone sessions include:

  • Accessibility: You’re not limited by geography.
  • Ease/Flexibility: You don’t have to travel anywhere, which makes finding time for a session easier and less stressful.
  • Comfort: Sometimes people have an easier time talking openly about difficult subjects or deeply personal feelings, issues, and experiences over the phone than in person.
  • Privacy: You can talk wherever you feel most relaxed—in your home, your office, outdoors, even in your car.

To schedule a session, by telephone or in person or Skype, please call +1 415.891.8531 or email

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