Michele DeMarco, MTS, MSC, PCCT, REV.

A little more about me.

Michele DeMarco founded Paxways with one goal in mind: to help individuals, couples, families, and groups transform destructive conflict or painful adversity into opportunities for peaceful change and personal empowerment.

Michele is a professionally trained therapist, ethicist, chaplain, and mediator. She holds Masters degrees in Philosophy and Ethics, Comparative Culture, and Psychology via a consortium comprising Boston University, Harvard University, and Boston College, among others. In addition, she earned Professional Certificates in Conflict Transformation and Mediation/Conflict Resolution, respectively. Michele has also studied systems theory and relational therapy at Antioch New England Graduate School and done further coursework in education, writing, and law.

Her approach is respectful and honest, casual and compassionate. She enjoys working with clients from all backgrounds and beliefs.

In addition to private practice, Michele writes on the subjects of trauma and loss, the nature of relationships, resilience, and emotional wellness at both the individual and community levels. Her non-fiction work includes "Stirred Not Shaken" and "Spirit Wellness," authoring a monthly column entitled “Living With…” in "Partners HealthCare" journal and working as a contributing editor for "Living Well" magazine and "Be Well" and "Life Without Baby" blogs. Her personal essays have appeared in "The Boston Globe," "The Daily News," and "The Basement Series" publications. Her fiction writing credits include the 2015 Mystery Writers of America’s Helen McCloy Award for Mystery Writing, a Quill award for an international short story contest, first place for a First Chapters Contest, a Festival of the Arts Writer’s World Award for creative non-fiction, and the Doris Bell scholarship for creative writing. She was also a resident at Lit Camp (2014), a juried writer’s conference and the joint venture between Litquake and the San Francisco Writers' Grotto.

Michele is a native Bostonian, herself a heart attack survivor, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.







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