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We’re happy you found us. And hope we can help. Here’s what we do.

We help clients navigate change, transform conflict, and rebuild lives in the wake of crisis or transition. While professionally trained in psychotherapy, among other fields, we do not practice as traditional psychotherapists. We don’t do disorder or diagnosis. We are conflict counselors, resilience coaches, ethics advisors, and mediators. We work variously with individuals, couples, families, and groups from all backgrounds and orientations. Our approach is compassionate and respectful, unique and integrative, grounded in established research, and leverages both emotion and reason to positive effect. Because we know life places many demands on your time, we offer flexible scheduling for your convenience and comfort.

There is a lot more to say and resources for you to explore. Please click around. And do contact us to discuss any questions, or to set up an initial complementary consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if you are the right professional to help me?

For starters, make sure you know what we do and don’t do. We help clients...

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How long will this process take? When will I know I'm done?

In some cases our work with clients is explicitly time-limited; typically, this is...

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What is your confidentiality policy?

Confidentiality is an essential part of any professional relationship as it...

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